About Me

The Creative Side of the Force is a blog that showcases my art and the things that I’ve created.  I’ve been meinterested in art ever since I was a kid; in school I always received A’s in art.  I like to paint, draw, play bass guitar, and build custom lightsabers.

I really love painting; my main media to paint with are oil and acrylic.  I do want to branch off into water color; I really like look and texture you can achieve with water color and airbrushing.  Now I’m really enjoying digital painting.

I designed and built all the lightsabers you see in my lightsabers page.  I have done a few replica builds; Galen Merek’s (Starkiller’s) lightsaber from the video game The Force Unleashed, Darth Nihl’s lightsaber.  Darth Nihl is a character from the graphic novel’s and expanded universe.  McQuarrie’s Stormtrooper lightsaber and Quinlan Vos’s lightsaber.  Quinlan is another character from the expanded universe.

I apprenticed and worked as tattoo artist for about five years.  I worked in a shop for about two and half years and moved my station to my home and tried tattooing privately.  Unfortunately I lost the desire to tattoo.

I’ve been playing bass guitar on and off for twenty years now.  The first ten I was really dedicated to playing, the past ten it has become more of a hobby than anything.  I also tinker with playing guitar and recording.

After all this time I finally figured out how I can channel my creativity and apply my strengths towards a career field I know I’ll enjoy: Graphic Design.


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. This is just so cool I love lightsabers! Way to go!!!!

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