Jack-A Brief History

Welcome to my blog; this is my very first blog and I just want to share with everyone the things I’ve created.  I plan to post pictures of my drawings, paintings, the tattoo’s I’ve done and the lightsabers I built.

I’ve been doodling ever since I was a kid.  I always aced art class.  I started really painting in high school but never really took it seriously.  When I was in school I didn’t see myself pursuing art as a career.  My goal was to be rock star; talk about setting my sight’s high.  I started taking art seriously about six years ago when I got into tattooing.  After doing that for five years I realized it wasn’t for me.  I love tattoos; I’m practically covered in them.   It just wasn’t for me.

After being a stay at home dad for about two years, I started working in a warehouse; talk about mindless work.  After the first two months of working there I realized that I couldn’t do this forever; I would go insane.  One day while I was working, I was thinking about going back to school and becoming an illustrator but I had no idea how I would pull that off.  My wife and I both work, she had just stated going back to school and we have four kids.  I brought this up to my wife and told to look into online classes.  I didn’t think you could take online classes for art.  Then it hit me, hey Graphic Design.  I look up Graphic Design schools online and discovered Full Sail.  I started classes in June 2011 and have been busy ever since.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work.  Please feel free to leave comments, thank you.


~ by jlambert7 on March 3, 2012.

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