Red Riding Hood – Wolf Hunter

Red Riding Hood – Wolf Hunter

There was a young woman who’s name is Abigail but she is known in her village as “Red” since she is a Pencil Drawingdescendent of the first Red Riding Hood.  As a child, Red has heard the stories past on from generation to generation about her ancestors being stalked by wolves.  Red decided at a young age that she wasn’t going to fall prey to the big bad wolf who has been stalking and tormenting her ancestors.

She took it upon herself to learn the ways of the forest, how to track and hunt.  Red has become an excellent shot with a bow; she’s the only woman in her village that goes out on hunting parties with the village men.  She’s listened to the forest; she’s learned and became familiar with the sounds that all the creatures made in the forest.  She learned the warning sounds the creatures made when there was trouble.  Red knew the forest inside and out.  She knew the forest so well that her village elders would come to her sometimes to find out what was going on in the forest.

While she was learning her surroundings, she was also learning how to fight, and properly defend herself.  She would often pick friendly bouts with the village boys to make sure she was able to use what she was learning.  In the beginning she was getting beat, but she persisted and now she can take on anyone and win.  Her father has taught her to fight with a bow staff, dagger and how to properly handle a sword.  Red’s father promised to give her, her Great Grandfather’s sword on her eighteenth birthday.  Red was really excited about that.   Whatever fighting style she could learn she was determined to learn it.  She made a promise to herself and to her family that she is not going to be stalked by the wolf and that she will make it safe for future generations.   The future women of her family will no longer have to fear going into the forest and being harassed by the wolf.

On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Red noticed an unsettling silence in the forest. She became very cautious and noticed none of the forest creatures were around.  Red knew that the wolf was near, lurking in the shadows of the forest, waiting until she comes of age and then his torment will begin.  But what the wolf doesn’t know is that Red was prepared for him; she’s been training ever since she was a little girl.  The wolf’s tormenting will come to an end and he will no longer be the hunter, but become the hunted.

That night while the village was preparing for Red’s big day, the villagers felt the uneasiness surrounding the village.  Everyone knows how tough Red is but they still can’t help but fear what may happen.  After all, the wolf has been stalking the first-born daughters of her family for generations.  No one really knows why, but there has been a dark cloud over her family ever since Little Red Riding Hood went to visit her grandmother many years ago. Some of the elders believe that while Little Red Riding Hood was skipping along to her grandmother’s house, she accidently skipped through and destroyed a fairy ring in the forest.  The fairies being very angry placed a curse on her and the first-born daughters of her family.  After that visit is when the big bad wolf appeared and started stalking Little Red Riding Hood.  As the years went by, the wolf started to play games with the family, he wouldn’t show himself for long periods of time making the family think that he had gone away but then he would make his presence known.  That’s how it came to be that the wolf would wait until their eighteenth birthday to strike.

The day has come, Red’s eighteenth birthday.  Everyone in the village was excited, cautious and worried but still excited.  It was a splendid day, the sun was shinning everyone was having a good time.  Red’s father called everyone’s attention and made a wonderful speech and presented Red with her Great Grandfather’s sword.  It was a beautiful sword; the craftsmanship that went into that sword has yet to be matched.  It is said to be an enchanted blade.  For the one who wields the sword, it appears very light, easy to handle and it never dulls.  Red was very excited to be receiving such a great honor.

As the sun started to set, the uneasiness that surrounded the village grew.  Everyone in the village was getting scared and started to head indoors.  Everyone accept Red.  She stood in the center of the village, watching the perimeter.  She ultimately called out, “Wolf!  I am here, but I do not fear you.  You will hunt me and my family no more.” Red hears a long drawn out snarl and a low growling reply, “ We shall see.”


~ by jlambert7 on March 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “Red Riding Hood – Wolf Hunter”

  1. This is amazing! I actually did a different twist, it was a romance, and the poem I wrote was the key, I love the twist you put onto this, and the artwork is very nice and surreal, I like that quality to it. Great job!

  2. Thank you Tarin; a romantic twist to Red Riding Hood sounds interesting.

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