Teslar: Super Villain

Here are the steps I took to create Teslar.  I first started with a rough thumbnail sketch to get my idea down and I pictured him looking on paper.

Teslar, thumbnail

I then did a more finished pencil drawing of Teslar.  I know some of proportions may be off, I’m still developing my figure drawing skills.

My next step in this fine creation of mine is to ink my pencil sketch.  I actually inked it with ink pens and didn’t ink it in Photoshop.  I did however darken my ink lines in Photoshop.  After I inked my drawing I painted it in Photoshop.

My Villains name is Teslar; it’s taken from the Tesla coil that created him. Teslar is a super charged villain. His alter ego is Alex Katsu.

Teslar’s powers: He can manipulate electricity to form any melee weapon of his choice: energy sword, and dagger, just to name a couple. He can throw balls of lightning but his absolute favorite and number one attack is throwing lightning bolts. Teslar can create an energy shield around him for protection. He can fly and he can absorb electricity from any thing that uses electricity and render it powerless.  Teslar’s weaknesses are large bodies of water, and anything that will not conduct electricity. Teslar’s nemesis is Insu-lator; he’s pretty much the only hero that can withstand Teslar’s attacks.

Alex Katsu is a physicist and electrical engineer. Alex is in his mid-thirties, athletic and extremely intelligent; he’s somewhat of a loner who is dedicated to his work. He’s a good person and no one had an unkind thing to say about Alex; he pretty much kept to himself and his lab. His main focus of study is in electricity and the negative and positive effects it has on physical objects.

Alex was studying and experimenting with superconductors and a Tesla coil. No one really knew foreshore what exactly Alex was working on. He was secretive about his work. His colleagues would ask him about his research and Alex would reply with vague responses. Alex was trying to manipulate the forces produced by superconductors and apply that energy to make people levitate and then eventually fly.

Alex was working on a prototype belt; it was a superconductive belt. His theory was that once the belt was activated, it would produce a small powerful magnetic field around the person who is wearing the belt. That person in theory could then levitate off the ground. Alex was testing the belt one day in his lab; while he was levitating he could feel the magnetic field surrounding his limbs. Alex wanted to note how he was able to feel the magnetic field; he drifted towards his desk and when he reached for his pen it flew off the desk. Alex floated there in amazement. He started to think of other possibilities this belt could have.

As Alex was floating, he happened to look over at the Tesla coil in the corner of his lab. His eyes grew wide with wonder. Alex thought that maybe the magnetic field generated by the superconductors in the belt could safely harness and channel the electricity through his body. He was overly excited by the possibility that he didn’t stop to think it through properly. He quickly floated to the coil and activated it; what happened next was almost tragic. As soon as the coil came to life the lightning produce from the coil formed a huge single bolt of lightning and shot straight towards Alex. The bolt struck him dead in the chest. The magnetic field surrounding Alex’s body drew the lightning towards him and the lightning completely engulfed his body. There was an abnormally loud roar and crackling sound coming from his lab. It got the attention of the scientists in nearby labs. They rushed into Alex’s lab and froze with horror. They saw Alex’s body suspended in mid air by this arc of concentrated electricity. One of the scientists snapped out of his daze and ran to the main power supply in Alex’s lab and killed the power. Alex dropped to the floor.

The scientists ran over to Alex; they were shocked at what they saw. Alex was unconscious but not harmed. His clothes and his superconductive belt were fried but Alex himself was unharmed. Alex was immediately rushed to the hospital. The doctors were shocked to here what had happened and could not believe that he was here in the hospital and not in the morgue. The doctor did a complete work up on him; he was perfectly healthy. In fact the doctor noted that his vitals appeared to be better than okay.

When Alex came too, he didn’t know where he was. He saw that he was hooked up to all these machines and realized he was in the hospital. When he reached to turn the light on, his hand felt tingly and he noticed electricity emanating from his fingers. He then remembered what happened; he looked around, noticed that the television was on. Alex wasn’t a fan of television. He then got this wicked smile on his face; he forcefully pointed his two fingers at the television. Instantly a bolt of lightning crackled from the tips of his fingers, destroying the television. Alex nodded his head in a satisfying manner. He then started un-attaching all the machines that were hooked up to him. The alarm went off on the heart monitor machine. When Alex grabbed the machine to turn it off, he felt an instant surge of electricity and the machine went dead. Alex realized then not only can he shoot lightning bolts out of his fingers but he can also absorb energy from anything that uses electricity. Alex quickly escaped the hospital and couldn’t wait to discover his new abilities.


~ by jlambert7 on March 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “Teslar-Supervillain”

  1. I love this guy Jack. It was a great little story and a cool drawing. I see you haven’t neglected the sketching lessons since psych class.

    • Thank you Tom. I haven’t been as devoted to my figure drawing as I would like, but I’m still working on it. Did you happen to check out Red?

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